Afternoon activities

Above the regular program in the preschool, our teachers offer to your children additional paid afternoon activities. You may choose from the following clubs or a Czech language lesson or Babysitting.

Czech Speech Therapy Club with Daniela Mo 14:15–15:00 2160,- CZK/half year/min18 lessons
English Club with Michelle We 14:15–15:00 1350,- CZK/half year/min 18 lessons
Art Club with Jana Th 14:00–15:00 1850,- CZK/half year/min 18 lessons

Speech Therapy Club with Daniela

Contact person: Daniela Petkova, phone: +420 774 435 317

With using poems, we start developing the speaking skills, broaden vocabulary, train the auditory memory and the gross motor skills. We also lead children to be able to consciously imitate simple movements and to get basic numerical awareness. We learn to perceive ourselves and the world around us through all of our senses, to control breathing, to develop hearing, to co-operate with each other and to respect each other. The agenda includes breathing exercises and the speech organ gymnastics. Then we focus on fine motor skills by means of relaxation and graphomotor exercises.

Art Club with Jana

Contact person: Jana Meixnerová, phone: +420 739 639 451

Painting is based on the ability to watch and to perceive things around us. We learn to rejoice in our own artistic creations and to appreciate the work of others. In the course of the year, children become acquainted with different fine-art techniques, try to paint with aquarelle, tempera paints, chalk crayon and aquarelle pastel. They draw animals and figures, work with various types of modeling paste or play-dough, try their own decoupage, paint on glass and on textile, use window paints, make a piece of jewelry, etc.


Czech language lessons for childrenCena 200,- Kč/45 min.

Contact person: Daniela Petkova, +420 774 435 317,

Are you coming from the background where your child doesn´t speak either Czech or English? Is your child going to apply for the Czech elementary school? We can offer your child individual lessons. It will help your child with correct Czech pronunciation, to set proper grammar and to extend the vocabulary.


Contact person: Daniela Petkova, tel.: +420 774 435 317, email:

Do you need a person to take care of your child by the person that you know and your child knows well?  Please contact us about the possibility and we will see if any of our teachers are available. The minimum cost of babysitting is 500 Kč /for 1-3 hours, every next hour is is 150 Kč.  The overnight babysitting 10-12 hours 1500 Kč. If babysitting ends after at midnight time or after, so the taxi cost cover should be provided.