Art Therapy

The lecturer, Mgr. Kristýna Hejlková, studied Comprehensive Rehabilitation – biopsychosocial care and art therapii at the University of South Bohemia. She receiver further training in the field of Crisis  Intervention at the Counseling Department of the Family Crisis Centre. She has undergone numerous courses and training sessions in Bohemia and abroad dealing with the development of social skills, psychotherapy, drama therapy, supervision, mediation and others. She has been active in practical art therapy for nearly five years.

Art therapy involves mainly active art-making, allowing the artist to express emotion they are unable to express otherwise. It brings relaxation and, even more importantly, purification. Through creative activities, we come into contact  with our true  self and gradually learn to understand what happens inside us, integrate the unconscious dimensions of our mind our personality and become more ourselves – healthier, happier, creative and communicative.
Art therapy uses the visual arts as  a means of personal expression in communication, rather than attemping to obtain aesthetically pleasing  results as assessed by external standards. The visual arts as a mean of expression are available literally to everyone. Art therapy is part of psychoanalysis which helps resolve and re-experience traumas from childhood and the past, resolve existing problems and direct the individual towards new goals and values in life.

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