Development of empathy with the less fortunate

What parent would not want to have a fearless, obliging, communicative, and kind child capable of discerning good and bad and being able to help others?

“Pro-social Education” supports children’s dignity, leads to kind and healthy inter-human relationships, encourages positive characteristics in people, and teaches tolerance and the ability to empathize with others’ feelings. It is important to talk to children about what they feel and why, and to discuss problems and emotions. Together we look for our feelings’ causes and for ways to deal with them (especially for negative feelings). Children’s emotions are very strong, and children often cannot make sense of them on their own.

Our objective is to create supportive conditions for developing important social functions such as the ability to cooperate, to respect other people’s rights, to love one’s closest friends and relatives, to be able to empathize with their needs and feelings, to experience joy from shared success, to support children’s friendships, and to teach children to resolve disagreements and conflicts.

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