The RightStart Method

The RightStart Method and its exercises strengthen the relationship between the psyche and motor skills in preschool education. Recognition processes and motor skills interconnect in children while accomplishing various tasks – with involvement of the emotionally motivating sphere. The fine motor skills include graphomotor skills, the development of which is very important towards the end of the preschool period. Development of purposeful movement and gripping is crucial for controlling hand/arm movements – something that is accented in the method exercises.

The concept is based on a song, a movement or a graphic pattern. The story develops from a song that works as its carrier and encourages movement. The RSM emphasizes the perception of one’s own body. Each song is associated with a graphic pattern as a sign or a symbol, which encourages development of correct visual perception, left-right orientation, spatial orientation and graphic memory. The graphic pattern corresponds with the rhythmic pattern. The exercise is complete through reproduction of the graphic pattern with musical accompaniment and the child’s singing.

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