List of things children should have


  • home shoes with a firm heel – slippers
  • a spare set of clothes (underwear, socks, T-shirt, jogging pants)
  • small pillow + blanket
  • (jogging) pants and shoes to the sandbox (if parents want their child to change for the playground)
  • a cap
  • a larger old (T) shirt for graphic art activities
  • dispenser-box with Kleenex (paper tissue)
  • A4 folder/file for drawings

Daily supplies:

  • a bottle with a beverage (we top-up the beverages throughout the day)
  • snacks (morning and afternoon)

Please mark all your child’s belongings with his/her name.

Parents are responsible for the personal belongings of their child – therefore children should have only the necessary personal belongings and no valuables while at the Center. Salomon Preschool Centers do not take any responsibility in case of theft or damage.

Further information