Tuition fees


(valid from January 1, 2020)

Salomon Preschool Center is part of Salomon Family, a public service organization; therefore its tuition fee is affordable to the general public.
Tuition payment is due by the 20th day in the month that precedes the month of school attendance. (for example payment for October is due on September 20).

Salomon Family bank account: 224026525/0300 (ČSOB),
IBAN CZ76 0300 0000 0002 2402 6525, BIC (SWIFT) CEKOCZPP

1. PRICE LIST – REGISTRATION FOR FULL ACADEMIC YEAR  (with 2 months notice period)
The guaranteed place for your child and the guaranteed tuition fee for the whole school year till June 30.
The termination notice begins to run from the 1st day of the following month and must be received in writing. There is no tuition return for days of absence.

We offer a sibling discount of 30 % for the second child when enrolling both siblings for full week, full time attendance.
The registration fee at the time of registering the child in the Education Center is CZK 2,000.

Attendance Full time 8:00-17:30 Half day 8:00-13.00 or 12.30-17.30
5 days a week 9.900,- CZK / month 8.900,- CZK / month
4 days a week 8.900,- CZK/ month 7.900,- CZK / month
3 days a week 7.900,- CZK / month 6.900,- CZK / month
2 days a week 5.900,- CZK / month 5.500,- CZK / month
1 week 4.500,- CZK 3.500,- CZK
1 day 700,- CZK 600,- CZK



The attendance 3 months and less is available with a surcharge of 20% to the regular tuition fee for full academic year attendance

If there is a vacancy, we can also register a child for a shorter period than a school year. This attendance of the child ends on the agreed date without termination notice. We guarantee the place only for the period agreed and for which the tuition fees were paid.  There is no tuition return for the days of absence.

We offer a sibling discount of 30 % for the second child when enrolling both siblings for full week, full time attendance.
There is no registration fee for short-term attendance.

Attendance Full time 8:00-17:30 Half day 8:00-13.00 or 12.30-17.30
5 days a week 11.880,- CZK / month 10.680,- CZK / month
4 days a week 10.680,- CZK / month 9.480,- CZK / month
3 days a week 9.480,- CZK / month 8.280,- CZK / month
2 days a week 7080,- CZK / month 6.600,- CZK / month
1 week 4500,- CZK 3.500,- CZK
1 day 900,- CZK 1/2 day 700,- CZK (5 hours)
1 hour 200,- CZK 200,- CZK

The Education Center runs from September to June. We also offer a summer program in July.

Salomon Family Preschool opens at 8.00 a.m. and closes at 5. 30 p.m.

The tuition includes child care at the educational center according to the chosen length of attendance, the educational program in a bilingual environment (Czech language, English language), entrance to cultural and other educational events – Theater performances, Museum visits, Planetarium visits, Birthday party, children’s day, visit of St. Nicholas with the angel, Christmas party, Garden party and other short-term events. The school also includes daily pre-school preparation for preschool children according to the weekly schedule. (Note: A one-time allowance may be levied for a pre-school class of 1500, – CZK / per year)

The school fee doesn´t include: meal program

Above the regular daily program in the preschool, our teachers offer additional paid afternoon activities: AFTERNOON CLUBS, SWIMMING COURSE, SCHOOL IN NATURE, MOUNTAINS FAMILY STAY with a ski school course, CZECH LESSONS for children of foreigners.

Arrival and leave:

Children´s arrival between                    8.00 till 9.00 a.m.

Leave after lunch between                12.45 till 1.00 p.m.

Leave in the afternoon                          3.30 till 5.30 p.m.

The educational center is closed:

National public holidays of the Czech Republic, Christmas holidays, Spring holidays of Prague 1:

Christmas holidays 23.– 31. 12. 2019
Spring holidays 17. – 23. 2. 2020


Saturday 28. 9. 2019 St. Wenceslas Day
Monday 28. 10. 2019 Foundation of the Independent Czechoslovak state
Sunday 17. 11. 2019 Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day
Tuesday 24. 12. 2019 Christmas Eve
Wednesday 25. 12. 2019 1. Christmas holiday
Wednesday 26. 12. 2019 2. Christmas holiday
Wednesday 1. 1. 2020 Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State
Friday 13.4. 2020 Good Friday
Monday 10. 4. 2020 Easter Monday
Friday 1. 5. 2020 Labor Day
Friday 8. 5. 2020 Liberation Day
Sunday 5. 7. 2020 St, Cyril and Methodius Day
Monday 6. 7. 2020 Jan Hus Day


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