The way we work

Salomon Preschool Centers are open to 3 to 7 year-old children. Children of different nationalities meet there. Children’s education in a multi-cultural environment is becoming the most efficient tool against discrimination. Diversity is no longer a barrier to communication, but rather an enriching element.

Our objective is to teach children the basics of spoken English through play. Play is an entertaining and natural activity for children, therefore all curriculums and all activities are planned and implemented along with play. Our team of qualified teachers consists of native speakers of either Czech or English.

In our everyday activities, we try to maintain a supportive, family-like environment where children can feel safe.

We support creativity and help children in their personality growth and development of their positive character traits. We believe in abundant praise, teaching children to know their worth, but also to admit mistakes, to learn from them and to apologize. We teach them the rules of decent behavior based on Christian values.

We lead children to respect people and nature.

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